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PetCure Oncology at Veterinary Radiosurgery and Imaging Center (VRIC)


Upon opening its doors in November of 2002, what was then known as the Veterinary MRI and RT Center of New Jersey became the first veterinary only, free-standing cross-sectional imaging and radiation treatment center in the world. In fact, during the early years of operation, the center was utilized by such prestigious institutions as Tufts University, The Animal Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania for clients in the New York City metropolitan area.

As there was no veterinary model for such a center, it took two years to organize, develop and construct a center that was adaptable to animals. To this day, it has remained true to its' mission: to offer advanced imaging capability to the general practitioner and specialist alike and act as an extension of the diagnostic armamentarium to improve the lives of companion animal patients. Not only has the center treated thousands of patients, it has become a vital educational resource for veterinarians in the application of cross-sectional imaging and advanced cancer treatment. The center pioneered treatment protocols for the application of radiation treatment and cross-sectional imaging. Thanks to these protocols, 60 percent of radiation treatment cases do not require anesthesia and the majority of CT scans are performed in as little as 30 minutes. MRI scans are performed in just 60 minutes. This has added the dimension of efficiency and convenience for busy modern day lifestyles.


In September of 2015, the practice became even more specialized and innovative when it was acquired by PetCure Oncology. The business was renamed PetCure Oncology at Veterinary Radiosurgery and Imaging Center (VRIC), making it the third location in PetCure Oncology’s rapidly-growing national network of centers specializing in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). The latest technology in treating cancer, SRS is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that delivers highly potent doses of radiation with sub-millimeter precision to maximize its impact on cancerous cells while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. SRS is a more efficient treatment option than traditional radiosurgery, offering an option with curative intent that requires fewer treatment sessions and results in less severe side effects. Already proven successful in treating human patients, PetCure Oncology’s mission is to make SRS more widely available in the veterinary market in order to provide companion animals and their families with the same standard of treatment, care and service that is available to humans.